About 3B Industries, Inc.


3B Industries began with the dreams and visions of one man. Dreams turned into ideas, and ideas led to inventions and patents. By 1960, John Brown had officially entered the car wash industry, setting a course that would involve his whole family. Building on the foundation of creative innovation, 3B Industries excels in research and development, manufacturing and installation of car washes and equipment, the blending of chemical applications, fabrication, as well as the design and implementation of various oil-field/industrial solutions. The company also owns and operates a number of car wash facilities in the southwestern United States.


About our Car Wash division


With over 100 years of combined experience, the 3B family has the proven capability to launch new owners into the car wash industry while also assisting veterans of the business with the latest technologies and improvements. Their newest invention, the Nexus F5 is already setting higher standards than ever thought possible, placing their customers at the cutting edge of car wash services.

The company is comprised of in-house and field technicians, experts and engineers, who work hard to ensure complete satisfaction and superior customer service. From demographic analysis and assessment and site selection, to the supply of their own proven manufactured chemicals, 3B Industries offers everything needed for complete car wash success.


About our Oil Field and Industrial Services


3B also develops applications and products for use in the oil-filed and industrial environments. From our SilverBack series of hose to the development of fueling systems, 3B will continue to innovate and produce the highest quality products without the highest possible price. We also supply everything from fittings to safety products such as Tyvek suits and aprons