f5 Oscillating Head


f5 nozzle patent picture



Our patented f5 oribtal nozzle has revolutionized the cleaning industry. Thanks to its patented design the cleaning capabilities are exponetially higher than traditional nozzles. The f5 nozzle combines volume with pressure in lieu of pressure only found in most nozzles on the market. The oscillating head sprays the car from an angle, never straight as in conventional nozzles, allowing the pressure and volume to “chip” away mud and grime. The unique design allows for superior cleaning of fender wells and side mirrors as well as the underside of the vehicle.


f5 nozzle head diagram picture



  • Patented design.
  • Pressure coupled with volume for superior cleaning.
  • Superior side mirror and fender well cleaning.
  • Oscillating head “chips” away mud and grime.
  • 6 individual nozzles per f5 head.