Nexus Crossfire Automatic Car Wash


Nexus Crossfire Automatic Car Wash Logo


3B’s Nexus Crossfire Automatic Car Wash has revolutionized the automatic car wash industry. The unique design allows for both sides of the vehicle to be washed simultaneously, allowing for faster wash times with superior cleaning. Having no arm or wand on the machine allows for a vehicle of any length to use the machine without worry of the machine crashing into the vehicle. This also eliminates costly repairs often associated with accidents involving a traditional touch less automatic car wash. Using the patented f5 oscillating head, the cleaning ability is vastly increased compared to other delivery systems (learn more here). Designed by car wash owners for car wash owners. We have “simplified” the design, eliminating many problem areas found in other automatic car washes all while designing one of the most powerful cleaning solutions on the market. Maintenance is easy especially when coupled with the powerful Nexus OS (learn more here).


The stainless steel design is both appealing and durable.  Easy to clean and maintain.  Designed and manufactured in house by 3B’s manufacturing division using state of the art drafting software and fabrication equipment.  Laser cut, ensuring exact dimensions and a smooth finish.


Drafting software example showing Nexus Crossfire logo


Would you like your own logo or car wash name cut into the frame?  We can do this for you.  Need help designing a logo?  We can help you with that as well.  You can also customize the color of the light package, making the machine truly match your branding.


Nexus Crossfire lighting package example


High quality electronic components both inside and outside of the wash bay keep your uptime high and operating costs low.  A variable frequency drive slims down your operating costs while also protecting your equipment.  Water sealed cabinets and boxes protect electronic components from the elements.


Automatic Car Wash electronics box



  • Wash both sides of the vehicle simultaneously shortening the wash cycle.
  • Uses the patented f5 oscillating head.
  • Powerful operating system allows for complete control over cycles and functions with a simple touch screen interface.
  • Simplified design allows for easy maintenance.
  • No moving arms or wands, eliminating crashes and vehicle damage.
  • Stainless steel design, beautiful and durable.
  • Stainless steel piping eliminates downtime from hose bust repairs.