Nexus Operating System


The Nexus Operating System was designed as an easy to use control system for the car wash operator. No longer does the operator need years of experience to modify cycles or diagnose problems. The touch screen allows individuals the ability to change everything from the speed of a cycle to the cycle itself with a simple touch. With the ability to store multiple wash variations and load them instantly, the operator can change from a “summer” wash to a “spring” wash in no more than a couple of seconds. The auditing feature of the OS allows yearly, monthly, weekly and daily totals that allow the user to see exactly how many washes of each wash tier have run.


Nexus Operating System Installation Screen


Downtime and repairs are kept to a minimum thanks to the ability of the Nexus OS to show exactly which alarm or fault has tripped. This allows easy troubleshooting to quickly assess and remedy the situation. It is not a string of numbers or letters that need to be looked up or given to a trained technician, how about “HP Pump Overload” instead of “error code 55.” Much simpler.


Nexus Operating System Main Menu Screen


The Live View area shows in real time what is happening in the wash bay.  The screen shows the gantry position down to a 1/10th of an inch, what wash cycle is being used as well as the temperature in the wash bay.  The owner or manager can know exactly what is happening with a simple glance at the screen.


Nexus Operating System Live View Screen



  • Vibrant touch screen interface.
  • Password protected, multiple level accounts.
  • Ability to store multiple wash programs.
  • Quickly load saved wash programs.
  • Turn on/off any application or function with a simple touch of the screen.
  • Increase or decrease the speed of any cycle.
  • Alarm and fault notifications with a time stamp allow easy troubleshooting.
  • Ability to allow a free wash with proper account clearance.
  • Yearly, monthly, weekly and daily audit time frames.
  • Everything is controlled via the touch screen interface.