Tower Blaster

Tower Blaster:

3b Industries Inc. is proud to introduce our crossover line of F5© side blast towers to the car wash industry. American-made and featuring our patented orbital spray Technology is the heart of the NEXUS© and NEXUS CROSSFIRE© in-bay automatics. These innovative systems feature heavy gauge stainless steel construction and bearing quality Uhmw components for maximum service life.

Each F5 head supplies six 0-degree nozzles, strategically patterned and rotating in an angled cone spray providing maximum impingement at lower pressures to clean all directions: up, down, front and back of wheel wells and tires, rocker panels and running boards, mirrors, windshields and bumpers!

The best news? We do it all without swivels and lubrication! Minimum maintenance at Maximum performance! The F5 Side Blaster Tower Line delivers cleaner surfaces in pre-wash, enhancing wash equipment performance while eliminating abrasive residue to avoid damage claims and minimize or even eliminate prep labor costs!

Upgrade any tunnel wash or in-bay automatic with a pair of “solo”, “tandem” or “treble” F5 Side Blaster Towers today and let them wow your customers and enhance your bottom line today!

Patented F5 Orbital Spray Technology Side Blaster Towers

F5 Solo: For in-bay automatics and tunnels
Low-profile removal of mud and debris from areas below window level doesn’t spray into drivers’ vision allowing them to maneuver vehicles into position effectively for in-bay automatics. Also useful in tunnel applications for prep areas and first-step heavy mud removal. Recommend 2 units per install (one unit on each side of the vehicle).

F5 Tandem: For tunnel wash 2 stacked
F5 Orbital Spray Assemblies installed in the early stages of a tunnel-style wash will effectively side-blast the entire side of any vehicle (up to 6 feet tall) removing mud and debris. In many cases the need for a prep gun and operator is eliminated or reduced to the front and rear bumper area only. Installed with an angled installation of the F5 Solo for front-of-vehicle coverage, the prep gun and operator can be eliminated. Recommend 2 units per install (one unit on each side of the vehicle)

F5 Treble: For tunnel wash
3 stacked F5 Orbital Spray Assemblies effectively blast the side and roof area of any vehicle (up to 8 feet tall). More effective blasting of front and rear windshields due to the third F5 mounted at an angle. The addition of F5 solos angled toward front
bumpers will achieve a complete vehicle blasting system totally eliminating the need for prep guns and operators. Recommend 2 units per install (one unit on each side of the vehicle).